Why should I consider India for getting medical treatment?

There are 2 reasons why India is considered the best. (1) Best medical experts - Many of the doctors in India are educated in US as well as from UK. Many have practised in the US before returning. . (2) Cost – Medical treatment in India costs 30 to 40% of the same procedure in US, This comes with the best medical infrastructure and a high success rate.

Do these costs savings effect the quality and standards of medicine in India?
What about the confidentiality and privacy of my medical forms and reports?
Do I have to tell my G.P.?
Can I speak or Skype with the medical specialists in India?
How do I make payments and how is it handled?
After reaching India, how do I go about with my trip?
Can I book my own travel arrangements?
Can I bring someone along with me?
What about the language?
Will it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?
What about aftercare?