Dermatological procedures are as common as any medical procedure can get. These procedures are either done to prevent or cure a disease or condition, or for cosmetic purposes. With major advancement in various fields of medicine in India, including dermatology, there has been an intense escalation in the demand for these procedures in India. And with the aid of medical tourism, these services, treatments and procedures have become available to those beyond our borders. We at CGC, can get you in touch with some of the best doctors in India, who are internationally renowned for their skill, knowledge and medical expertise.

Hospitals in India are world-renowned for their advanced medical infrastructure, affordability and standard of quality. The skin doctors and skin care specialists associated with us, offer the best in advanced dermatology, from medical and dietary remedies to curative and cosmetic surgery.

Skin, being the largest organ or sensory organ in the body is more susceptible to disease, abnormalities and growths than any other organ. Apart from these vulnerabilities, skin is also very likely to get scarred and/or defective when bruised, cut, burnt or damaged. Both dermatology and its cosmetic sub classification, specialize in treating conditions, related to skin, hair and nails to improve one’s appearance, health or both. The most sought after dermatological treatment procedures and cosmetic surgeries our experts specialize in include laser surgery, chemical peel, anti-aging and treatment of sun-damaged skin, and acne scar removal.

Laser Surgery:

Laser Surgeries are procedures commonly used in the removal of diseased soft tissue and in cosmetic surgery. The process used laser beams, which are special light beams in place of surgical instruments, to achieve the prevention or cure of medical conditions, or a desired cosmetic outcome. Laser is commonly used to destroy (or shrink) tumors, seal blood-vessels, dental procedures, tattoo removal, hair removal, scar removal, and the removal of birthmarks.

Our panel of medical experts to help determine which course of treatment is best for you, after which we can proceed with planning your travel, treatment and stay.