Dental tourism also known as dental vacations is the dental division of Medial Tourism. It generally involves travelling to another country to avail dental services and treatments that are either not available or affordable at one’s home country. Dental procedures in many countries are either extremely expensive or are unavailable due to lack of technology or practitioners.

With a growing number of orthodontists and affordable dental procedures, India has become one of the best countries for dental tourism. At CGC, we are associated with several world-renowned healthcare institutions and hospitals. We can help get you connected with the right person for the job, by determining exactly what you need. The dental clinics and hospitals we are connected with specialize in various dental procedures. Some of these include,

  1. Cosmetic dentistry,
  2. Tooth implants,
  3. Root Canals,
  4. Teeth whitening,
  5. Dentures,
  6. Oral Surgery,
  7. And other Dental works.

The main advantage of Dental Tourism (and medical tourism on the whole) is the advantage of lower pricing. There are a wide range of procedures that span across cosmetic, preventive, and corrective dentistry that are available in hospitals in India. In addition to these services being comparatively more affordable, they are provided by esteemed and renowned names in the dental divisions of surgery and medicine.

Cosmetic dentistry includes some of the most sought after procedures like whitening, reshaping, and bonding to improve one’s dental appeal. Additionally, Hospitals in India is well known for the availability of advanced dental equipment to facilitate an immeasurable number of procedures. Dental Tourism in India has paved a way for people in need of specialist procedures like oral surgery, root canals and dental implants, to avail these services with ease.

Our services start with a simple valuation and determination of your needs, compiling a complete solution to all your ailments. You can get in touch with our panel of experts to get an estimate of certain procedures, to get an idea of the pros and cons of any medical or surgical treatment, and to get your problems looked at.

Come to India, Come Get Cured.